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Commands available to the owner of the room/house:

house_cmd add <name> to permission list 
 Adds <name> to the permission list of the room. Only the owners and people in
 the list can enter the room. 
house_cmd add <name> to owner list
 Adds <name> to the owner list of this room only but also adds their name to 
 overall establishment. You cannot sell the apartment unless there is only 
 one owner. You need to be an owner to use any of these commands.
house_cmd add short|long <desc>
 Adds custom description to the short or long description, \n & \t are deleted. 
 For the long description you can add multiple segments to the description so 
 that you can edit the seperate segments later.
house_cmd edit long <segment no> <desc>
 Edits an existing long description segment, only works if you have more than 
 one segment.
house_cmd add desc <id1,id2...> <desc>
 Adds further descriptions that are described in the long description. You can 
 have multiple id's per description but you cannot use the same id more than 
 once in the room.

house_cmd add sound <desc>
 Adds a sound that is echoed throughout the room every so often, adds nice 
house_cmd remove <name> from permission list
 Removes <name> from the permission list of the room. 

house_cmd remove <name> from owner list
 Removes <name> from the owner list, you can only remove your own name from the 
 list, administration can of course remove anyones.
house_cmd remove short
 Removes the custom short description and the default is displayed again.
house_cmd remove long [segment]
 Removes the custom long description and the default is displayed again. If the 
 long description is segmented then you can remove a segment from the 
 description without having to delete the entire lot.
house_cmd remove desc <id> [all]
 Removes the description relating to the id, if the all flag is given all ids 
 relating to that description are also removed.
house_cmd remove sound <no>
 Removes a sound identified by the number.
house_cmd list permissions
 Gives a list of people who are on the permission list of the room.

house_cmd list owners
 Lists the owners in the current room
house_cmd list long
 Displays the long description and the segments if segmented.
house_cmd list desc
 Displays all the item descriptions.
house_cmd list sounds
 Displays all the sounds
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