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Syntax: hunt any game        -- seek out an animal
        hunt <gamesize> game -- seek out an animal that considers
                                at least <gamesize>
        hunt                 -- hunt the same sized game as last time
        hunt dismiss         -- stop tracking the current beast, look for a new one
        hunt status          -- check on your party members
        hunt masteries       -- check your hunting masteries
        hunt records         -- check your hunting records
 e.g. hunt weak game -- hunt animals which are at least 'weak' when considered.
 You can see the hunt gamesize options in 'help adjectives'.

Hunting, one of the most basic instincts of living creatures, is widely
used amongst the intelligent part of the fauna. After a successful hunt, it
has been a tradition to take the meat and the skin from the corpse, eat the
meat and sell the fur, which can provide a living for many hunters and
their families.

The terrain where you hunt naturally effects your possible game, and your
skills in hunting, move silently, camouflage are essential if you wish to
catch any rare animals. Rangers make some of the best hunters with all
their knowledge of animals, but other people can also be respectable
hunters, especially Gaesati in wolf or cat form.

Attacking the unsuspecting animal is best accomplished with some sort of
ranged weapon. It's relatively easy to get a great shot on the animal. Even
easier for you since you can call it as 'prey'.

It can be more effective to hunt in a party. The party should fan out to
different rooms and hunt. When someone finds big game you can all come
together to dispatch it. If you aren't a very good hunter maybe you should
stay and watch the leader, you might learn something.