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Ignoring is the recommended way of dealing with harassing players,
spammers and their ilk.  To set which players you want to ignore,
you have to use the ignore command.

        ignore add <name> [flags]
        ignore remove <name> [flags]
        ignore reason <name> <reason>
        ignore level <level>
        ignore multitell <number>
        ignore list
        ignore clear

By default, you will not see tells, bells, channel messages, speech,
emotions, or mail messages from the ignored persons.  You can also 
choose whether you want to ignore only certain types of communication
by specifying flags.  The following flags are available:

        T - tells, bells, distant emotes
        C - channel messages
        M - mail messages
        S - say, whisper, local emotes

The level argument specifies the minimum level of the player you want
to receive messages from.  The multitell argument is used to block
tells to multiple persons.