Instrument of the gods

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Intelligence, Wisdom and Channel elemental energy help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: strength
     Tertiary: dexterity

A templar knight can request his elemental god to bless one of his weapons and turn it into an instrument of destruction on the field of battle.

In effect this spell imbues a weapon with the ability to automatically return back to your hand after it has been thrown. The weapon will also inflict additional damage when thrown.

If the weapon is wielded instead, it has the ability to bend the elemental forces present everywhere in the world and shape them into the form of the weapon used. This behaviour is seen as colourful flashes of light when the instrument hits an opponent, causing great pain. The weapon will also become more accurate.

The instrument should not be given to anyone else, or the gods themselves might punish the unworthy user of the weapon. This spell uses the elemental bond of the element that the caster worships the most.