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Command: issue

Issue is a formal proceeding for approaching the administration when you
have encountered a situation (issue) in which you feel the administration
should intervene. These situations occur most commonly in regard to player
killing (see 'help player killing') and losing equipment (see 'help

There are several requirements an issue-report must fulfill to be qualified
for investigation by the administration. The issue-report must include at
least the following information concerning the arisen situation:

1. exact time, duration and location
2. names of all relevant characters
3. detailed description of the situation and the contribution
   of each relevant character
4. quotations of all relevant discussions relating to the situation
5. a claim for reimbursement and/or retribution
6. legal basis for the claim (e.g. references to the
   relevant rules or help files)

If the issue fails to meet the aforementioned requirements, the
administration may dismiss the issue without further investigating the
facts and circumstances of the case.

Issues directed at other characters ("issue add <player>") will be
forwarded to the concerned defendant. The defendant shall provide a
thorough statement of defence. The statement must include well-founded
rebuttal of all claims put forth by the complainant. Failing to provide
such defence the administration may give judgment without further
investigating the facts and circumstances and thus constitute judgment on
the issue-report alone.

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