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Those who do benevolent deeds in their life seem to receive similar
benevolence in return. This is benevolence or 'karma', as it is often
called by those who believe in it, seems to accumulate over time as one
does good deeds and many believe that it even carries over to the next
life. Doing compassionate deeds, such as healing your fellow adventurers
while in party, are good source of positive karma. While elemental gods
often also gift their followers with divine favour the source of the power
behind the karma seems to be from the soul of the benevolent person and not
from the elemental gods.

 karma                        - Shows your current karma.
 karma costs                  - Shows ability costs.
 karma heal                   - Full heal on yourself.
 karma reinc                  - Reincarnates yourself.
 karma taxfree                - Removes reincarnation tax.
 karma nethers                - Removes your nether world effects.
 karma exp                    - Boosts exp gain. (3h)
 karma mastery                - Boosts mastery gain. (3h)
 karma learning               - Boosts skill learning. (3h)
 karma luck                   - Increases your luck with loot. (24h)
 karma resurrect              - Resurrects yourself.
 karma momentum               - Increases your momentum chance. (3h)
 karma impulse                - Increases your spell impulse chance. (3h)
 karma blood                  - Fills a part of your blood storages.
 karma shard <target>         - Re-rolls shard's type and strength.
 karma charm <target>         - Re-rolls charm's type
 karma dust <target>          - Re-rolls glow dust's type
 karma transfer <n> to <plr>  - Transfers karma to another player.