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Language Policy in Icesus


Icesus is a text-based world provided in the English language.
The official language at Icesus is therefore English. 

The world of Icesus is explored by players and developed by 
wizards from around the globe. As the social side of the game
is just as important if not even more than the highly developed
game features, it is imperative that discourse occurs in a language
comprehensible by all. Icesus thrives on the multitude and diversity
of its player base and aspires to create the environment friendly 
regardless of nationality or background. As Icesus highly regards
the manifold of cultures and nationalities, the Administration 
also provides channels for discussion in other native languages.


To achieve the objectives described in the Language Policy, the 
Administration enforces English language to be used in the
following situations:

   I)   All communication in public places including, but not limited to 
        inns, shops, guilds, and central NPC's such as Ereldon.

   II)  All communication if it is uncertain the entire potential audience
        can comprehend a non-English language perfectly.

   III) All channel discussion excluding channels specifically created 
        for non-English discussion and private channels. 

Failure to adhere to the Language Policy Rules carries the conventional 
penalties of channel banishment, banishment and removal of character.

                         ++ The Administration on the 18th of April 2003 ++