Legendary Frost Beast of the glacier

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This beast is a marvelous sight indeed. She moves on 6 feet and occasionally she stands on her two rearmost muscular feet. All her paws end up in deadly looking large claws that could easily rip human apart in mere seconds. The whole body of the beast is covered with a long snow-white fur that glimmers a bit as the sun hits it. On her muzzle is a single sharp horn that it uses when it rushes at her opponents causing devastating damage provided by her strength and huge body. By her looks you recognize it to be a gnoph-keh which you have heard about from the legends. This beast really seems to be one of those legendary creatures but for some reason she is totally enraged and killing everything in sight. You notice some intelligence from her eyes but they seem to be shadowed by madness. Also they have been only told to appear in glaciers but she is here at the tundra for some reason. However now she is the ultimate predator at the tundra and risk to every single living thing around here.

She seems to have a powerful aura of prestige.

She is a gnoph-keh and HUGE of size.

Items acquired from this monster