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Syntax: lite channel <channel> <colour> - lite channels
        lite say <colour>               - lite says
        lite tell <colour>              - lite tells
        lite monster <colour>           - lite all non-aggressive monsters
        lite woundedmonster <colour>    - lite all wounded monsters.
        lite player <colour>            - lite all players
        lite room_short <colour>        - lite room short descriptions
        lite room_desc <colour>         - lite room descriptions for no-map rooms
        lite exits <colour>             - lite the room exits
        lite unusual_exits <colour>     - lite unusual exits
        lite clear                      - clear all lites
To clear a specific lite, just leave the colour blank. Channels include party and party_report.

The colours are:
black and brightblack , red and brightred , green and brightgreen , orange
and brightorange , yellow and brightyellow , blue and brightblue , cyan and
brightcyan , magenta and brightmagenta and white and brightwhite .
See also: help set ("channel_litemode").