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A convenient feature available in Iceus is a locker room and banking system, located two steps of the Double Dragon Inn in Vaerlon. On the city map it is the "L". Extra items that you do not wish to carry on you can be stored away in one of the various sizes of lockers available, for a price. You will first enter the office where there be a sign to explain the commands and a plaque displaying the price rates. Unless you have a locker rented, you will be unable to go down into the locker room. There is a bank located in Vaerlon, as well as Atherton and Teladan. It will be a "B" on the city map. There will also be a sign there to explain the commands. Everybody will have access to the bank.


Getting A Locker, Costs, and Sizes

The cost of getting a locker will be dependant on the size you want of course. Large lockers are 3000 silver per day, medium 1500 silver, and small 500 silver (days are real life days). Large holds 250dm3, medium holds 100dm3, and small holds 30dm3. You will only pay the cost for 1 day initially. Consider how much space you need (use 'i weight' and the size of your items will be under bulk, 1 dm3 = 1l) and how much cash you have, and decide which locker size to get. To get a locker you simply 'buy <size>' at the locker office. Pay <# of days> in order to pay for longer rent of the locker. Use 'check' to see how much paid time is left, and once it's up, be sure to have everything out of the locker or it will be gone forever. "Upgrade <size>" will get you a bigger locker. Any paid time will be lost and you will have to pay rent for 1 day for the new locker size. If you do not need a locker anymore, 'release' will free it. Again, any paid time will be lost, along with anything you forgot to take out.

Using a locker

Using a locker is similar to using any other container that you might have. Once you're in the locker room (located underneath the locker office), open your locker by 'open locker' and you can a look in it with 'look in locker'. You can get items from it by 'get <item> from locker' and put items into it by 'put <item> to locker'. If you have two or more of the same item, then you can use 'put <item> # to locker'. # would be 2 for the second item, 3 for the third item, and so on. Note that the available space is stated when you look at the locker. You can store containers filled with items in your locker as well. As long as you have rent paid, your items will be safe. Be careful though because when you try to take an item out of your locker that you do not have room for in your inventory then it will be dropped on the ground.


Banks are useful to store coins that you do not wish to carry. Even though 1 coin is light and small, carrying around a hill-sized pile will take up much inventory space and wear you down greatly. Once you are at the bank, you can deposit in many different ways.

Command Description
deposit <amount> Deposit a specific amount of silver. For example 'deposit 2431'
deposit <amount> <type> Deposit a specific amount of a specific coin type. E.g. 'deposit 3 mithril'
deposit all Deposit all your cash.
deposit all <type> Deposit all the coins you have of a specific type. E.g. 'deposit all silver'
deposit all but <amount> <type> Deposit everything except a specific amount of a specific coin type. E.g. 'deposit all but 10 mithril'
withdraw <amount> [type] Will withdraw the specified amount from your account, as long as you have enough in your account left to pay for withdrawal fee, which is 10% of the total amount withdrawn in silver. 'withdrawcost' will tell you the exact fee amount.
transfer <amount> to <player> Will transfer any amount of money to any player, as long as you have enough money in your account to do so and pay for the standard transfer fee of 150 silver coins. A notice will be shown to the player if they are in the game, and the transaction will be noted in both players transaction list, which can be seen by 'transactions'. Deposits and withdrawals are also shown, but only the last 10 transactions can be seen.

How much money you have in your account is listed under 'exp', 'score', and 'i' (inventory).

For more convenience, when you train or study at a guild and run out of cash, money will be drawn from you bank account at no extra cost. You can also pay for shopping and smithy services directly from your bank if you do not have enough cash on you. However, a 5% charge will incur. Your bank account will be accessible from any bank.