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Mahrakc is a heavily fortified city that acts as a border guard to the whole czardom due to its strategic location at an important river crossing place. Although being an important military fortress it is also place where graemorians hold pit fights, an entertainment for both the nobility and the poor who like to see mercenaries, slaves, captured beasts and of course adventurers fight for glory and money in the pit arenas. Nobles, communities, cities and even the kingdoms sponsor their own champions and arrange matters in a 'civilized' ways in the arenas instead of open warfare. All this action brings folks from all around the valley to see these arena matches making the city also an important nexus for commerce for Graemor and most of the trading between the Czardom and other communities happens here instead of the capital city.

The city is heavily defended by elite derro soldiers accompanied by various militia members of other major races in the Czardom of Graemor. Although not very common knowledge it also sports huge armies of bone constructs hidden underground that can be summoned to battle by the earth priests stationed at the city. These earth priests living in the city are extremely dedicated to the necromantic part of their religion and there is a constant supply of practice subjects for them because of the pit fights. Conjured undead creatures are also fairly common sight at the streets in here where they are not feared and hated, except maybe by the outsiders, and they are thought more as useful tools or similar to any work animals other people might employ in their daily lives.

The city is ruled by a mysterious derro baron Krutz Mahrakc who is believed to be older than the mountains even among the derros who are renown for their long age. He is said to be an extremely powerful earth priest himself or otherwise engaged in the arts of darkness. He is also rumoured to be a devout supporter and advisor of Kezrhgdel, czar of Graemor, and one of the key people behind his ascension to the throne of the Czardom. He rules the city of Mahrakc with an iron fist and doesn't hesitate to use his elite derro regiment and other more dubious agents to do his bidding when needed. While his methods occasionally might seem quite brutal to outsiders his rule has stabilized the region and brought relative peace to the area and allowed to the city to become the key nexus point between the kingdoms.