Massive rainbow-hued serpent

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This massive beast is some kind of sea serpent. It is one of the biggest creatures you have ever seen and thinking that such things lurk in the waters make you wonder if you will ever set your foot again in any boat. Its scales are size of a man's chest and its terrible jaws could eat you whole. The furiously swinging tail ends into a nasty-looking tail spike that could be poisonous. The scales are rainbow-hued and glitter in different colours as light is reflected from their wet surface. On its sides it has pair of large fins, which almost seem like wings while the serpent is on land. The whole shape of the beast closely reminds you of a slender dragon which might be related to this being. It is truely a wonderful and awe-inspiring beast, although you would prefer to look at it from a bit further distance.

It seems to have a powerful aura of prestige.

It is a sea serpent and GIGANTIC of size.

Items acquired from this monster