Master of six styles

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Affiliated stats:

Primary: dexterity
Secondary: intelligence
Tertiary: strength

This skill is automatically in use.

All the monks learn basic hand and feet maneuvers as part of their study and learn to use them while fighting. After mastering the regular maneuvers they are taught six different styles; dragon, tiger, eagle, leopard, snake and crane style. Each of these styles focus on different types of attacks and techniques. For example crane style uses mainly feet maneuvers defensively while while leopard style focuses using hands offensively. Each of them have their own special techniques that may benefit different situations and a skilled monk may change his style in a blink of an eye to a better suiting one. Leopard for example is a great style to start a combat with but it quickly reduces in power if the combat drags on and it might be a good idea to change to some other style instead after the initial power from the leopard style is gone. True grandmaster is able to combine special attacks and techniques of all of the styles he has mastered and intertwine them into any other style he is using at the moment.