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Affiliated stats:

       Primary: wisdom
     Secondary: charisma
      Tertiary: constitution

This skill is learnable by doing up to 60%.

By meditating a person can increase her spellpoint regeneration. The person first clears her mind of thoughts and then begins meditating. During meditation she cannot perform any other actions. The meditation will end when her spell points have been completely regenerated, or she can end it herself by typing 'end meditation'. How much meditation will increase her spellpoint regeneration is dependant on her knowledge of the skill. If a meditating person is disturbed when meditating by an attack or other violent action, then the person will wake up from the meditation as if dazed, and drained of some of her spell and endurance points. Persons unskilled at meditation might also experience these effects when ending the meditation prematurely themselves.

The Infecti use this skill to regain their psionic strength points and to strengthen their fragile mental integrity.