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Moon orbs are special items that grant you special abilities. These abilities are leveled up by using exp, and only way of gaining an orb is to be with the party while a "Moon boss" is killed.

Using an orb:

When you use an orb, it becomes tied to your current race, meaning you can only benefit from it while you are, for example, an orc. You can reinc away and back, and it will be there.

Leveling the special ability:

First invest on each race cost 300m and after that price goes up 5% per invest, example:

Scenario 1:

You use one orb, it costs you 300m exp. You level that orb to lvl 2, total cost is 300m + (300m * 1.05) = 615m

Scenario 2:

You got 2 orbs. 1st orb cost is 300m, second orb 315m (300m * 1.05), totaling at the same 615m than in scenario 1.

Note that the cost only goes up per race, meaning if you have one race that has 1 orb used, either leveling it or adding new orb will now cost 315m.

But if you use that orb as another race that has 0 current orbs, the cost will be the base amount of 300, untill you wish to add more levels/orbs to that race.

List of different orbs currently known, and what ability they give:

Name Ability desc # of levels
Alchemist Makes you more prone to create two potions at the same time, latter being even stronger.
Warrior's grip + Wield size (30cm)
Shadow Lurker Grants you the ability to move past guards unnotices.
Magical affinity Spellweaver-level magical endurance.
Not fooled by magicks Shows spells of monsters.
Auramaster You take a deeper look when considering your enemies.
Luck Gives you more positive surprises in life. 5
Haleness Your physical endurance pool is much larger. 10
Hoarder Increased carrying capacity. 1
Slow metabolism You dont get hungry or thirsty that often anymore.
Fleetfoot Gives your feet lighter steps when running outside.
Unnatural gaze Grants you the ability to see some of the invisible things.
Keen senses Grants you the abilitity to see in the dark.
Stamina Your stamina pool is much bigger. 10
Quick learner You learn new things easier than your fellow racial representatives. 10
Friends with death You have seen it so many times, that you can sometimes bargain for your freedom
Magic power Your magical endurance pool is much bigger 10
Magic might Your magical regenerativity is improved a lot 10
Mental strength Your psionic endurance pool is much bigger. 10
Immortal ambitions Halves the duration of netherworld effects on your race
Heroic regeneration It will help you regenerate your pools regardless of your situation. 10

Investment Cost table

Investment Level Exp (millions) Cumulative exp (millions)
1 300 300
2 315 615
3 331 946
4 347 1,293
5 365 1,658
6 383 2,041
7 402 2,443
8 422 2,865
9 443 3,308
10 465 3,773
11 489 4,262
12 513 4,775
13 539 5,314
14 566 5,880
15 594 6,474
16 624 7,097
17 655 7,752
18 688 8,440
19 722 9,162
20 758 9,920