Motion of combat

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Affiliated stats:

       Primary: dexterity
     Secondary: strength
      Tertiary: wisdom

This skill is learnable by doing up to 50%.

Ages ago, the monks noticed that it is possible to manipulate the tempo and movement of the battle to gain a dramatic advantage over their enemies. That is when they started to develop series of movements, that can be release once the enemy falls under the control of the tempo changed by the monk. Therefore monks using this skill are able to rain highly efficient, even lethal attacks towards the enemies vulnerable places. The whole technique relies on the mistakes done by the enemy. The fluency of the technique is so high, that the enemy is easily taunted by it and thinks that he is being played with.

This is the offensive maneuver used by the monks. This skill totally excludes the use of all medium and heavy armour in hit locations. Also, using any kind of wield weapon causes the skill not to work at all. Both kick and double kick skills help to perform this maneuver effectively. Meditational level dictates the probability of success in this technique. Monks are often found meditating before entering the battle, to increase the power of motion of combat. The great concentration needed to perform the maneuver also requires a certain amount of spell points.

Usage: use 'motion of combat' or use 'motion of combat' guard