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Mounts have several different kind of feats that allow them 
to do something that wouldn't be possible without the mount 
knowing about that feat. Feats vary from mount to mount and
mounts can be also trained at animal trainer so that it can
be used in the right way for example in combat. One animal 
trainer is located in the town of Atherton. Also mounts can
learn these feats by themselves while you are riding them 
but this may take time and it can be frustrating to train 
your mount for combat for example as it keeps getting 
frightened and flees from the combat taking you with it.
Note that some mounts cannot learn some of the feats. For
example non-flying mount cannot learn any flight related 

Currently there are these feats:
 Air combat
  Feat air combat is needed to be able to control the mount
  in the right way while fighting in the air. Without this 
  feat it would and will be plain suicide.
  NOTE: flight combat is not available... yet.
 Flight mount
  Your mount has to know this feat or else it cannot be 
  commanded to take off to the skies and fly around.
  Your mount has to know the proper way of hauling this from 
  place to another or else it will get hurt in the process
  or won't be able to pull your cart or carriage at all.
  With this feat player can use his mount while hunting 
  which would be impossible otherwise.
  This feat is needed in order to use mount in the right way
  while trying jousting. If your mount doesn't know this 
  feat you cannot use jousting while riding it. 
  NOTE: jousting is not available... yet.
  Kneel feat helps smaller races to mount more easier on 
  bigger creatures. This is really helpful for small races
  and they all should teach this feat to their mount. Normally
  you can't ride a mount if your size is lower than 2/3 of the
  mounts size but with this feat you can ride a mount if your 
  size is 1/2 of the mount's size or bigger.
  If your mount knows this feat, it can be lead on to some 
  direction with 'lead' command. Almost all of the mounts 
  know this when you get them as handling them without it 
  would be very difficult.
  Horses and most of the other mounts are generally afraid of
  magic because they are quite simple creatures after all. Being 
  near a mage who casts a ball of fire out of nothing is very 
  frightening even to normal people, yet it is much more to 
  mounts. With this skill the mount is trained to tolerate 
  magic users so that it won't flee in panic when a player 
  casts a spell. Note that _any_ spell will cause fear in your
  mount while you are riding on it.
  Every mount should know this feat in order for someone to ride it.
  If it doesn't you cannot ride but you definitely should go to
  an animal trainer and let him teach your mount this feat. All 
  mounts bought from stables will know this and most of the 
  animals bought from animal trainers will also.
 Race tolerance
  Some mounts might hate, fear or even want to eat certain races.
  These mounts have to be taught to tolerate riders from that 
  particular race in order to them to ride on that mount.
  Mounts have to be taught to tolerate being saddled and someone 
  riding them. Saddles make the riding more comfortable to the 
  mount and to its rider but some saddles might be magical and
  give some other beneficial bonus for the mount.
 Steady ride
  Every archer in the valley of Icesus value mounts who know this
  feat. It makes riding on it much more steadier and thus removing
  negative effects from riding to shooting. Note that this doesn't
  remove actual effects to your skill percents as they are affected
  by your own riding skills.
  This feat must be taught to all mounts which are going to be used
  in a battle. Mounts who do not know this feat run around wildly 
  in battle and have a habit of running away from the combat carrying
  you with them. This doesn't affect the actual fighting skill 
  percents which are affected by your own riding skill percents.

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