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Using multiple characters is illegal. The character you are playing is for your use only, and should be used only by the creator of the character. Keep the 'chfn' information up to date.

Only one character is allowed per account. Do not let your friend, relative or dog use your account to make another character.

If you want to make a new character, you must suicide your old character or ask an admin remove it. Only then can you make a new character. It is illegal to in ANY way transfer anything from your old character to you new character.

Secondary characters are allowed for experienced players as defined in 'help secondary characters'. Refer to this help file before doing anything.

Selling or giving characters away is also illegal. Only the player that created a character may ever use it.

Breaking of these rules is punished by immediate removal of all characters from that account and possible site banishment.

Signed, Jää ry administration