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Mutations are an upcoming feature in which monsters can randomly receive
one or more special skills and powerups. Mutations can occur in monsters
of all sizes from around 10k experience worth or so.

In general, mutated monsters will be harder to kill and yield anywhere from
20% to 100% more experience as a result, depending on the severity and
posed challenge of the particular mutation the monster suffers from. Additionally
mutated monsters have a considerable chance of dropping a shard as they die along
other possible mutation-specific bonuses.

Here's a list of currently known mutations and a rough idea of what they'll do.
Note that there will be extremely rare special mutations with increased benefits
which will remain unlisted. All common and uncommon mutations will be listed
in this help file in time.

Common mutations - considerable chance of yielding a shard:

Status Name             - effect
D Anti-magic            - Blocks spells, may reflect the damage back
D Celerity              - Spazzes out with a flurry of blows
D Untouchable           - Master of parries and dodging
D Pulsar of x           - Pulsates with elemental damage x
D Recklessness          - Greatly increased melee damage output,
                          takes more damage
D Trollblood            - Increased regeneration in combat,
                          GREATLY increased regeneration outside of combat
D Wyrmblood             - Thick skin
D Aversion to x         - Greatly increased resistances against everything
                          but x
D Icebinder             - Known to freeze enemies
D Flameheart            - Pyromaniac, known to explode upon death
D Plagued               - Spreads poison
Stormcaller             - Storm clouds follow its enemis
D Constrictor           - Prevents fleeing

Uncommon mutations - high chance of yielding a shard:
D Wealthy               - Carries around a lot of cash
D Doppelganger          - Creates copies of itself that
                          can also mutate
D Divinity              - Elemental gods are known to reward
                          beings who kill monsters with this
D Colossus              - Greatly increased size and maximum
Dampening field         - Not harmed by magical weapons
D Daywalker             - Overpowered during daytime 
D Nightstalker          - Overpowered during nighttime
D Soulmirror            - High chance at reflecting any
                          damage back


Rare mutations - guaranteed shard drop:

Note that more than one mutation may occur concurrently, so you
could have something like this:

A testmonster (recklessness mutation) (celerity mutation)

Which you might very well want to leave alone.


Mutations with a D in front are ready, and the 
rest are planned. I might push to live once there are 30
or so of them to make sure there's good variety right
off the bat. 

Last update: 29th Jan