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                        Welcome to Icesus

  This file will tell you  how you can get information about
  Icesus that beginning players need. You can read this file
  at any time  by typing 'help  newbie'. Just  typing 'help'
  will show you the most basic commands and show how you can
  get lists of  all documents and commands  in the game. You
  can    also try  visiting   our   website, if you  haven't
  already. The URL is Here are
  some helpfiles you should read:

'help creation' 
      This tells you about the character creation system
      in Icesus.

'help starting' 
      This gives you general info you should know when starting
      your adventuring career.

'help living' 
      Advice and information beginning adventurers need in 
      their daily life. READ THIS!

'help newbie areas' 
      Gives you some directions to areas suitable for 
      beginning adventurers and some advice on what to
      do there.

'help newbie hints' 
      Some general hints about what beginning adventurers
      can and cannot do, should and shouldn't do.

'help settings' 
      Explains various properties you can set to make your
      game more enjoyable, eg terminal width, command delimeter,
      aliases and nicknames.

'help helper' 
      This is a command for requesting help from one of the dedicated
      newbie helpers.

'help faq'      
      This is a collection of the most frequently
      asked questions and the answers to those.

'help rules'
      These are the rules every player must follow.
'help reporting' 
      How to inform the wizards about errors, give them
      ideas or just praise them.

 Also look at  'help commands' or  'help commands long', and
 type 'topics' for  a list of all miscellaneous help documents
 you also can read.

 If you have a question which you cannot  find the answer to
 in any help-document,  try asking another player. The  best
 way to do  this is using  a channel. For example,  'ice Can
 you help me?'. You  can see what  channels are available to
 you by  typing 'channel list'. If you want  to turn on some
 channel that you currently have turned off, type 'channel
 join <name>',      You can  also try talking directly  to a
 player with the 'tell'-command, eg  'tell neurotico Can you
 help me?'.  Always  try asking other  players first, before
 you ask a wizard.

 Also, please do  read the documentation  first so you don't
 unnecessarily ask questions already answered there.

 We are always seeking to  improve our newbie documentation.
 Please inform us if you find any errors in it or have ideas
 of what else should be mentioned here. Thank you.