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usage: nickname <nick_name> <real_name>

Nickname will substitute real_name for all occurrences of nick_name
on your command line (except for the first word. that's reserved for
aliases. :)) This allows you to use shortened words to refer to people, 
objects, etc, rather than typing long drawn out names. Talking to players
with long names is no longer an annoyance!
An escape of \ in front of a word will prevent that word from being
expanded (For when you want to say the nick_name and not the real_name!)
To remove a nickname use 'unnickname \<nickname>'.


> nickname way wayfarer
> tell way No \way way! These nicknames are stuf!ly!(tm)
This expands to:
> tell Wayfarer No way Wayfarer! These nicknames are stuf!ly!(tm)
To clear all nicknames type 'nickname \clear'