Object handling

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Handling objects

With the commands 'get', 'drop', 'put' and 'give' you can move items from
one location to another. See the help for the individual commands
for closer info on their specifics. All the commands accept the following

"all"                   - everything except items on keeplist
"all foo"               - all items identified as 'foo'
"all no foo"            - everything except keeplist and items identifying as
"all not foo"           - everything except keeplist and the specified object
"all money"             - both single coins and piles of coins
"all material steel"    - gets all steel items
"something"             - a randomly chosen item
"eq"                    - all items worn or wielded
"noeq"                  - all items not worn or wielded
"armours"               - all armours
"weapons"               - all weapons
"food"                  - all food
"glows"                 - all items with magical glow
"keep"                  - all kept items (excluding worn or wielded items)
"nokeep"                - all non-kept items (excluding worn or wielded items)
"<nr> <item>"           - a given amount of specified items
"<item> [nr]"           - the specified item

You can do several item handling with one command if you give a string
of arguments separated by commas, ex:

"get all sword,apple,all no ring from bag,all key to sack,all not wooden staff"