Old snake, lord of the forest

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You are looking at a pale, pallid, dull white serpent of massive girth and length. The serpent's coils take up a lot of space and you're not sure you can even see the end of his tail. The serpent's eyes are like two smoldering embers, except amber in color. They glisten with wisdom and betray the centuries of insight accumulated over various life experiences that this individual has lived through. The serpent's scales are dull with age, but you can easily imagine them to rival even the scale of dragons in strength and protection. The serpent seems to radiate some sort of sensation. A sensation that is difficult to put a name to... is it an aura of tyranny... law... order? Whatever it is, you conclude that this old snake is the lord of this forest. The apex predator. The dominator, and you just might be enough of a threat to rouse his ire.

He seems to have a familiar aura of prestige.

He is a serpent of order (snake) and GIGANTIC of size.

Items acquired from this monster