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A party is a group of players that move and fight together. Typically
players in a party will be much more effective than operating
individually. Though only players in the front row may melee, you can
put sturdy players in front of fragile casters to protect them.

Non-leader commands:
  party join (pj)                       -- join a party, after being invited
  party leave                           -- leave your party
  party follow (pf)                     -- resume following the leader
  party unfollow                        -- stop following the leader
  party place <row>,<column> (pp ...)   -- set your position in the party

  party say (p')                        -- talk on the party channel
  party report                          -- talk on the party report channel
  party status (ps )                    -- show health and positions of members
  party status-row                      -- as above, but prettier
  party shares                          -- estimate how the exp is divided
  party kills                           -- show the party's recent kills
  party place (pp)                      -- show where people are placed.
  party created                         -- show when party was made and by whom
  party damages                         -- show party's relative damages
  party missing                         -- shows members not in the same room as you

Non Member Command
  party who <player> (pwho)             -- show who is partying with a player
  who partying                          -- show players currently partying

Roster Management:
  party create <partyname>              -- create a new party
  party invite <player> (pi)            -- invite a player to the party
  party kick <member>                   -- remove a player from the party
  party leader <member>                 -- give leadership to someone else
  party vice-leader <member>            -- assign a vice_leader, army thing
  party flanker <member>                -- assign a flanking attacker
  party forcefollow <member>|all        -- force members(s) to follow you
  party forceunfollow <member>|all
  party shake <member>|all              -- force a members to stop following
  party place <member> <row>,<column>   -- place a member in a postion
  party save                            -- save current formation
  party restore                         -- restore saved formation
  party rename <name>                   -- change the party name
  party describe <description>          -- describe your party
  party reset                           -- reset the exp/min and kill data
  party clear                           -- clear the party channel
  party forcemonitor all|none|<member>  -- force party monitoring settings
  party dice                            -- throw dice with your members
  party draw                            -- draw lots to determine a single winner

Party Finding:
  party available                       -- mark yourself as wanting to party
  party unavailable                     -- mark yourself as not available
  who available                         -- see who is ready to party

Notes for leaders: If you are not placed, then no one will follow you.