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Player killing in Icesus


I. Player killing consists of all actions taken by player
   characters in attempt to kill, harm or otherwise inflict
   damage on another player without the consent of the 
   forementioned player.

II. Player killing is FORBIDDEN.

III. Exceptions to the principal rule described in article II are
     as follows, the list being exhaustive:

     IIIa) Player killing is allowed in a situation where 
           a player has been deceived resulting in material
           damages, such as equipment, money or experience.
           The deception is to be deliberate or of gross negligence
           and greater than of minor importance. 

     IIIb) Player killing is allowed in Czardom of Graemor, in its 
           surrounding outworld rooms and in areas residing inside
           those outworld rooms.

     IIIc) Player killing is allowed within the limits explained in
           'help city defending'

     IIId) The player killed has given consent to the act with a clear
           and unambiguous expression.

     IIIe) The player killed was participating in a player killing
           event as described in 'help player killing events'.

IV. Violation of the Player Killing Act carries a minimum penalty
    of TWO days of banishment with the maximum being removal of 
    player. The punishment is to be put in effect immediately.

    IVa) Assume all decisions made by administration are final. 
         Trying to bully or sway administration in any manner 
         which could be interpreted as threatening or coercing, 
         will likely result in alleviation or complete nullification 
         of the penalty.
V. The player, who has been killed contrary to the Player Killing Act,
   is to report the violation to a Wizard. 

VI. Retaliatory action by players is prohibited. Undertaking retaliatory 
    action or inducing another player to retaliate is equivalent 
    to renouncing one's claim in the matter.

VII. The player who is found guilty of wrongful Player Killing is 
     entitled to seek amnesty from an Archwizard. The Archwizard receiving
     the plea may decide if the circumstances indicate an exception 
     to the punishment as described in Article IV.

VIII. Interpretation of the wording of the Act shall be governed by the 
      decisions of the Archwizards.

This Act takes effect immediately and is henceforth enforced upon every 

For more information on player killing regulations, please refer to a book
available in the Vaerlon Library. 

++ The Council of Vaerlon on the 2nd day in the Month of Cold, year 190
++ Updated IV, added IVa on the 16th day in the Month of Harvest, year is 438.

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