Player killing events

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Player Killing Events

There are certain events during which it is permissible to kill
another player. In all cases the player killed will have explicitly
chosen, knowing that he may be killed.

General Rules
  1) A killable player does not have to leave their party. Their party
     may defend them. If the party does not wish to be attacked then
     they should kick out the killable player. Harbouring fugitives is
  2) The killable player must warn prospective party members that they
     are killable and by whom.

Shrine Breaker
  If a player tries to break a Wilder shrine they will be marked as a
  shrine breaker. All wilders can see this mark. Any wilder may kill a
  shrine breaker, at which time the mark is removed.

Shrine Breaker Event
  During the shrine breaker event, Sertommunn's lost hat, any wilder
  in the room with the hat shrine and all of their party members are
  legal targets.