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Player Rights in Icesus

        Players have the right to quit playing whenever they want to.
        Players may kill each other with good reason, and they can use
        all the game features. Players may not abuse bugs. Characters
        can be removed from the game by an Arch or higher with a good reason.

Wizard Rights in Icesus

        All Player Rights are also valid for wizards. Wizards may not
        harm other wizards in any means. However, a wizard is responsible
        in following the copyright of Icesus, which was shown in the
        wizzing process. Sharing information that is accessible only to
        wizards is forbidden.

Arch Wizard Rights in Icesus

        All Wizard rights are also valid for Admins. Archs have the
        right to remove or banish characters with good reason.
        They also have the right to approve or disapprove the code of
        lower level wizards.

God Rights in Icesus

        They define a good reason.

                                                        Idles Thaedien