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There are some powerful magicks in the realm which can be manipulated to create
wonderful things out of thin air. Marqigou the wealthy gnome conjurer has had a
very successful idea of creating magical wands and with a flick of them a player
is able to create a magical tower of ones own.

Marqigou has set up his wand shop in the City of Vaerlon all the way to the east
from Ereldon's square.

The tower works like a small city, but there are certain limitations to it. Here
is a brief description of the towers and the rules which govern those who
possess a wand:

1)  Wand is your friend, - an expensive friend. Keep it near you, don't lose it.
You will need it each boot to summon your own tower with all the additions you
have 'empowered' to it at Marqigou. Wand is used with 'use wand' command.
Empowering additions to your wand is dealt a bit later. If you lose your wand,
you will need to talk to a wizard and given certain circumstances he/she may
reimburse your wand with your additions on it. Available wand commands are shown
with 'wand_cmd'.

2)  You can only summon your tower to locations which are deemed viable. The
location must be in outworld. If you find yourself able to summon your tower
inside a city, it is a bug and you must report it immediately.

3)  Only one tower per one outworld room. Means that if you think that you have
claimed a location to yourself indefinitely as you have had that location in
previous boots, you are wrong. If you are not the first to summon your tower on
that location, then you must wait for another boot to be the first one. First
come, first serve basis works here. Tower location is not a reason for any sort
of missbehaviour towards your fellow players, unless everything happens in
Graemor. What happens in Graemor, stays in Graemor and is of no interest to the
wizards. (Unless it violates the 2 point in this list.)

4)  Tower can be locked and unlocked. You can unlock and lock your tower with
commands: 'lock_tower' and 'unlock_tower'. You need to be standing in front of
your tower to do so. Note that this state does not save over boot. So you need
to lock your tower after each summoning if you want to. You can also use invite
list which is explained below.

5)  Towers have an invite list. Currently the invite list supports 10 players.
To add players to your invite list, just type: 'invite <player>'. Note that the
player has to be online to be added/removed to/from your invite list. (if you
have a player added already and you invite him/her again, he/she will be removed
from your invite list.) 'invite show list' - lists all the players you have in
your invite list and 'invite clear' clears your invite list. Note that the
invite list is used also by your vault room to grant access.

6)  Invite only commands are shown with 'invite_only' command. This has to be
typed in front of your tower. You have the possibility to set your tower to be
invite moderated by typing: 'invite_only set|unset'

7)  Adding more rooms to your wands repertoire happens at Marqigou. Marqigou
offers empowering services and the empowering works with 'empower wand with
<addition name>'. To see the available additions just ask Marqigou the right
questions and he will surely answer.

8)  All those who buy a wand will be joined to the towers+ channel which is a
forum for the wand owners. This is a channel to ask help and report different
oddities if such should occur.

9)  Finding an exploitable thing, no matter what and exploiting it further will
be a basis for wand removal.

10) Wand is actually a crowbar, so enjoy the irony of it!

For further inquiries etc. Please turn to Marqigou's Magical Wand Emporeum!