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There are several points what our systems use, which are not seen
in any other MUDs.

These points include:

Advancement points (advpoints):
                You can get these from _advancing at the adventurer's 
                guild_ for experience points.

                You can use these to _train your stats_ in adventurer's
                guild or _advance guild levels_ in your guild.
                You can view the cost of training stats in the adv-guild
                by typing 'list statcosts' and advancing guild level
                takes four (4) advpoints.

Combat points (cps):

                You have about 80 cps when you start the game.
                They represent the percentual time usage in combat.
                ie. 100 combat points -> 100% of time. The maximum
                amount of combat points depends on your skills and
                stats. See also 'help skill concentrated attack' for 

                These are used by RTFM combat system, and they are handled 
                by assign command. See 'help combat', 'help combat points'
                and 'battle help assign'.

More commonly seen points include:

Spell points (SP or sp)
                Spell points represent your magical powers. They are mainly
                used for spellcasting. If you go very low on magical power,
                you will suffer from magical weakness that will make you
                physically weak.

Endurance points (EP or ep)
                Endurance points represent your physical endurance. They
                are used by combat, combat maneuvers, movement and so on.

Hit points (HP or hp)
                Hit points represent your physical conditition. Once they 
                drop below 0, you die. You can take damage from different
                sources, for example in combat, poison, diseases etc.

The HP/SP/EP are visible as a percentual value. 100% means that you are
fully healed. Use the 'hp' command to view them. If the 'max' is shown,
something is changing your maximum value. For example:

HP(100%), (max 125%) -- means that you are fully healed, and your maximum
hit points have been magically enhanced by 25%.

See also: 'help stats', 'help experience', 'help guilds'