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Professional levels are free levels which are gained one for each five
normal levels advanced. They can be used to profession guilds which offer a
variety of non-combat related skills ranging from mastering hunting and and
working the skins in to equipment, creating your own powders and potions,
creating items and huts from wood and much more.  Professional levels are
do not cost any advancement points nor exp to join, but on the other hand
you do not gain the normal stat and regen bonuses gained from a normal
level. The amount of taken professional levels and maximum professional
levels is shown in score.

Current profession guilds:

* Survivalists
This guild teaches you the basics of some survival skills like camping and
swimming. You will also learn how to handle corpses. Three level guild
located just a bit northeast of Vaerlon.

* The Expert Hunters
This guild gives you the most extensive course in hunting that you can get
from the whole world. Three level guild located just a bit northeast of

* The Expert Fishers
This guild gives you the most extensive course in fishing that you can get
from the whole world. Three level guild located just a bit northeast of

* Guild of Merchants
This is where a normal shopkeeper learns the tricks of true shopkeeping. He
or she is taught how to appraise the item correctly to know its true value
and, of course, how to keep his booth clean and in good order. Every member
of the guild receives a special booth to be used for starting a business of
his own. Five level guild located in Vaerlon.

* Mounted marksmen
Mounted marksmen master the art of horseback archery. Horseback archery is
a complete sub-section of your standard marksmans, requiring both skill in
shooting itself, but going far beyond that. A great synergy between one and
his mount is needed - not to fire - but to actually hit and to inflict
damage. Five level guild located at the Royal Archers, east of Vaerlon

* Leathercrafters
Leathercrafters teach the skills to become a master leathercrafter. Those
who gain this prestigious title have proven that they produce high quality
goods from leather. Four level guild located in Vaerlon.

* Dragonscale crafters
Dragonscale crafters are highly skilled leathercrafters who have studied
ways to create scale armours out of animal and dragonscale. Most of them
craft wyvernscales which are the most common scales that are strong and
large enough to be made into armours. Only most skilled
leathercrafters, many of them master artisans, are able to craft
dragonscale into armours, although getting your hands on those scales might
be hard at times because those pesky lizard do not usually want to give
them up easily. Three level guild located at the southeast corner of the

* Logger's Hall
The loggers' guild teaches the skills to identify quality trees, chop them
down, hew them into timbers, and saw them into lumber. Anyone can learn to
be a logger, but it takes a sturdy body to be a fast one, a good mind to
find the best trees, and lots of practice to really excel. Five level guild
located just a bit east of Vaerlon.

* Carpenters
This five guild complex teach a large variety of skills for making simple
woodwork and tools to building huts and giving the finishing touch to your
wooden pieces of art. Five three level guilds located in Atherton.

* School of Alchemy
In the School of Alchemy one can learn to create many different kinds of
potions. He also receives teaching in many various skills needed to gather
the necessary ingredients for the potions. In time he learns all secrets of
different ingredients and how to use them efficiently. He also learns to
recant and decant the potions if he needs to do such task. This school is
open for everyone over level 30 and intelligent enough to learn the secrets
of alchemy. Members of any priesthood or mages of Valkor are free to join
at any time they wish. Eight level guild located in Atherton.

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