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You can set the prompt by typing: set prompt <your prompt>.

The command accepts the following arguments:

[cmdno]         -       command counter
[hp]            -       Current hit points (in percents)
[maxhp]         -       Maximum hit points (in percents)
[truehp]        -       Current hit points
[truemaxhp]     -       Maximum hit points
[sp]            -       Current spell points (in percents)
[maxsp]         -       Maximum spell points (in percents)
[truesp]        -       Current spell points
[truemaxsp]     -       Maximum spell points
[ep]            -       Current endurance points (in percents)
[maxep]         -       Maximum endurance points (in percents)
[trueep]        -       Current endurance points
[truemaxep]     -       Maximum endurance points
[psp]           -       Current psionic strength points (in percents)
[maxpsp]        -       Maximum psionic strength points (in percents)
[truepsp]       -       Current psionic strength points
[truemaxpsp]    -       Maximum psionic strength points
[exp]           -       Your current experience
[cash]          -       Carried cash in silver
[name]          -       The name of the mud
[exptolvl]      -       Exp needed to next level
[exptoadv]      -       Exp needed to next advancement point
[protolvl]      -       Exp needed to next level (%)
[protoadv]      -       Exp needed to next advancement point (%)
[df]            -       Current amount of divine favours
[daytime]       -       Prints 'day' or 'night'
[hour]          -       Prints current hour, like "Dawn" or "Murk (2nd)"
[phase]         -       Prints current phase, like "magic" or "fire"
[nl]            -       New line (linefeed)
[space]         -       A space.
[status]        -       Displays 'casting' while you are casting a spell
                        and 'busy' while you are using a skill or doing something
                        else which requires your concentration.
[vitae]         -       Shows amount of life energy you have drained.
[reinctax]      -       Shows reinc tax.
[fury]          -       A numeric indicator of religious fervor for Priests of Fire

Example:        set prompt Icesus: Hp [hp] Exp [exp] >

You can also set colour to your prompt. See 'help lite' for available colours.
The colours work so that for example if you want red colour to your prompt you 
need to have [red] in the prompt and it will colour it red. For bright colours
add [bright] and then the colour you want inside brackets after it. Note that 
colours will flood your screen until they hit a reset so you need to have 
somewhere in your prompt [reset]. There is also an option to lite by percentage.
These options are [hplite], [eplite], [splite] and [psplite]. They also need to
accompanied by a [reset].

Note, if you are using ZMud client, you need to add a "~" before any special
ZMud example:   set prompt Icesus: Hp ~[hp~] Exp ~[exp~] >