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Usage: 'quote [category] [max]'
       'quote <nmbr> [max] [category]'
       'quote <nmbr> to <nmbr> [max] [category]'
       'quote <all|latest|best|worst|random> [max] [category]'
       'quote search <word>'
       'quote next'
       'quote submit <category>'
       'quote edit <nmbr>'
       'quote remove <nmbr>'
       'quote vote <nmbr>'
       'quote category <nmbr> <category>'
       'quote report <nmbr>'
       'quote categories'
The quote command is used to view, submit, edit, remove quotes from the
database. Submitting and editing a quote is through a prompt, similar to
the mail service. Viewing a quote has several options, here are some
quote 1 - views quote one
quote 1 2 - views quotes from 1, with max of displaying 2
quote 1 misc - views quote one or closest quote in the misc category
quote all 5 - views all quotes, with max display of 5
quote best famous 4 - view best quotes in famous category, with max display
of 4
quote next - uses the last settings and displays the next batch
quote search Idles - case-sensitive, single world search
There is a max limit of 25 viewed quotes at one time.
The report option is to report any offensive, stupid, non-quotes etc. State
reason in report, insufficient reasons will be punished, those who abuse
the system will be banned.
The edit function is prompted, vote is to display which quotes you like
best to sort out which quotes are the best. The category function is to
change the category of your quote, while its an option its best if you
choose your category properly the first time and stick to it.