Racial guilds

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Racial guilds
Racial guilds are a special type of open guilds that can be taked by anyone of 
proper race. Currently there are following racial guilds:

 * Civilized city dwellers
 * Cult of the devourer
 * Hive
 * Little people's league
 * Nomads of the wild
 * Slumdogs of Czardom
 * Clan of the Mountainfolk

Each of these guilds is open for specific group of races that may join the 
guild. Certain races can choose which racial guild they join as they are 
allowed into more than one racial guild. But you may only have one racial
guild at time.

Racial guilds do not offer any skills, spells or stat bonuses as you gain 
levels in them. Instead they provide you with 2 ability points per level, 
which can be used to change your character in multiple ways. Abilities 
usually cost 1-3 ability points to take and can have other restrictions,
such as specific race or gender. Some abilities also require you to have
certain other abilities before you can take them. Otherwise you can freely
take them as you wish as long as you have enough ability points to take 
them. Each racial guild has its own set of about 30 abilities that are 
somehow related to the races who can join the guild.

Boons of the ancestors
Boons are special items linked to racial guilds. These items can randomly 
drop from any monster in the game. They can be used to add more ability 
points to be used in your racial guild. You can use up to 4 boons per 
reincarnation. Each boon is linked to a certain race and you can only 
use boons of your race. When you reincarnate you will lose all your used 
boons and have to acquire them again so use them wisely. Unused boons save
like any other normal items and you can save them until you feel like 
using them.

There is also a special type of boon that will reset your chosen abilities
in your current racial guild so that you can re-choose your racial abilities.
This boon will not remove your boons like a reincarnation does so you can 
also re-use those points.