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 Reimbursement means that a wizard designed for this task gives you back equipment,
 money or something else you have lost due to a bug or an error in the
 game. Most often this is done with equipment. 

 Usually you should not need one. If the game happens to crash an
 automated reimburse is given to you. Generally that is all we can do,
 no admin can give you anything more than what you got from the
 automated crash recovery.


 NOTE: the administration of the game has no obligation to give you
 back anything you have lost. It is always possible no reimbursement
 will be given to you, regardless of the circumstances. It is also
 possible, that only a partial reimbursement is given. 

 Also note, that generally only safe places for your items are 

  - Your inventory (remember to 'save'!!)
  - Lockers
  - Houses
 Not safe:
  - Floating discs
  - Holes
  - Simply on the ground
  - Smiths
  If the reimburse will be always given for the items that you had your
 inventory the last time it got saved on the disk. If you give your
 items to the smith and do 'save', then if the crash happens the items
 would be gone. Instead, if you 'save' before giving them to the smith,
 you'd get an automated reimburse.

   How does the reimbursement process work?
 If you have lost something and feel that you should be reimbursed,
 don't shout and whine about it on the channels. Instead:

 a) The moment you realise you have lost something as a result of a bug or 
    other game glitch, send a mudmail ("help mail") to Fimvar. He is currently
    handling all of reimburses. It is of essence to let him know the time frame
    when you lost them, if you have an idea of it.
 b) After you have sent your mail, it is often good to let other wizards also know 
    of the situation, preferably by using the command wizcall ("help wizcall"). Something
    along the lines of "Hi, I lost all of my stuff in boot gone awry, I've send a mail to
    Fimvar". This helps us to cast the summon Fimvar spell if he is absent.
 c) Note that it is not necessary for you to be in the game when your equipment is being 
    restored. If you are not on at the moment, Fimvar will dump your stuff to another wizard,
    generally. When you log back in, and see your mail has been read, and don't hear about the
    stuff in a day or so, nudge a wizard that seems unidle :)