Reporting procedures

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Reporting Procedure

--Step One

 First step is to target the report to the object which has the typo/bug in it. 
 _This is the most important step_ as it tells the wizard instantly which file 
 it is in and therefore increases the likelihood of the report being read 
 and/or fixed.

 There are several ways to target the object, if its a item/monster like a 
 sword/boots/key/food/ereldon etc. the syntax is:
  typo create <id of obj>
  bug create <id of obj>
  eg. typo create tin dagger
  eg. typo create ereldon

 The object has to be present. In other words you have to be able to look at it. 
 With rooms you need to be in the room that is in question.
  eg. typo create here

 When reporting on spells/skills/commands you use the following syntax:
  typo create spell: <spell name>
  bug create spell: <spell name>
  typo create skill: <skill name>
  bug create skill: <skill name>

  typo create cmd: <command name>
  bug create cmd: <command name>
  typo create doc: <doc name>
 This is when you are reporting anything at all to do with skills/spells/cmds 
 for example the help file for the spell ball has a typo in it you would do 
  eg. typo create spell: ball
 Or it could do with the starting message of a skill.
  eg. bug create skill: leatherworking
 Or you can report a command eg trap, drop, get, camp etc.
  eg. bug create cmd: trap
 Or you can report a document (typo only)
  eg. typo create doc: joining

--Step Two

  Typo reports:
 In typo reports you need to write out the error and then the correction. For 
 example this is a desc:

  "The old man is standing very still. He has greyt hair and blue eyes. You 
  would be able to knock him over with a breathe."

 You would fill out the report like this:
  "He has greyt hair"->"He has grey hair"
 Also note that 1 report to 1 file so if there are 7 errors you put all 7 in 
 that one report.

  Bug reports:
 A detailed description of your preceding actions is required, also a desc of 
 what you think went wrong is needed plus any error messages in full.

  Final Note:
 If you follow ALL of these steps you most probably be awarded for your effort, 
 however there are no obligations upon wizards to award reporters.