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  Every person in the society has a reputation, good or bad. In Icesus, the
  reputation is determined by your actions.

  Different towns, guilds and societies have their own means of judging
  people's reputation.

  For example, if you kill a guard in Vaerlon, your reputation is probably
  still unaffected in most other villages out there. Or if you are kind to
  a member of the Mage guild, your reputation among Rangers is still
  more or less unaffected.

  Your reputation affects the gameplay in many ways. If you have a good
  reputation, interacting with NPC's is much easier. Many of them refuse
  to even talk to you if you have a bad reputation.

  Use 'score -r' to see your fame in communities you are known. By default,
  the score shows only your strongest reputation.

  If your reputation is very bad, you will probably be attacked by NPC's
  or you are told to unwield your weapons and leave. Of course, it is up to you
  how you respond to these threats.

  If you care for your reputation, think before you attack anyone. If you
  go berserk in a town and kill a guard, your reputation goes so down that
  all guards get aggressive to you. Same goes for many other NPC's in the town.

  Your reputation, good or bad, is not permanent. Your reputation goes towards
  complete anonymity even if you are not in the game. Still, the people don't
  forget that fast...