Reputation adjectives

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Adjectives are used to describe many statistics of players and objects
rather than giving numerical value. The adjectives describing
your stats (strength/dexterity/constitution/wisdom/intelligence/charisma)
can be seen with 'help stats'. Adjectives that describe general things can be 
seen with 'help adjectives'.

REPUTATION: This represents your value and behaviour in a community.
            Also in ascending order:

            wanted dead as one of the most despised people ever (-16), 
            to be executed once captured, 
            a cause for panic and fear,
            well-known for your horrible deeds, 
            often attacked on sight, 
            a reason to call the children back home, 
            very infamous (-10), 
            spat on, 
            a regular topic of unflattering gossip, 
            ill-famed for your deeds, 
            notorious (-5), 
            looked down on, 
            an outcast, 
            neither liked nor disliked (0), 
            known by few, 
            known by many, 
            a noted person, 
            known as a honorable person (+5), 
            a distinguished person, 
            well-known and respected, 
            very popular, 
            prestigious (+10), 
            an illustrious hero, 
            worshipped for your deeds, 
            idolized and lionized, 
            a renowned champion of legends (+16)