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Robot is a client-based software which plays your character alone. This means you can go and take a shower, and the character gains experience and money all the time. One use for robots is to help out your friends, you can sleep in your bed while your character heals people.

In short, robot is a script which executes player commands related to movement, combat, spells or such without the need of user guidance.

Sounds good? Great, you can code or search web for these robots and use them with a mudclient such as TinyFugue or ZMud. Too bad they are illegal in Icesus. You may not use them here.

Punishment for using a robot is removal or banishment from the game. In unclear situations an Arch or higher may decide if the script used can be defined as a robot or not.

If you are unsure if your script can be defined as a robot, don't use it.

I repeat, robots are illegal in Icesus.

-Idles Thaedien

++ Updated in the 11st day in the Month of Snow, year is 441:

UNIDLE TRIGGERS are forbidden. For example, the def and exp rate of tanks goes down after certain period of idle. There is a reason to why this mechanism exists, and unidle triggers are circumventing it. So DON'T use unidle triggers.