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The sales channel is used to auction equipment and other items. 
(Use the trade channel for resources like timber and metal bars.)

A typical auction might look like:
(02:13) Misrobo [sales] +2spr+2pspr ring, 100k mb
(02:14) Xariah [sales] 100k
(02:14) Arkady [sales] 150k
(02:14) Xariah [sales] 250k
(02:15) Misrobo [sales] 1x
(02:15) Misrobo [sales] 2x
(02:16) Misrobo [sales] Sold to the big floating ball!

Some points of etiquette:
o It is considered ill mannered to pull an item from auction
  because of insufficient bidding activity. If you don't want 
  to sell to cheaply then use a minimum bid.
o It is rude to bump bids by tiny amounts. 10% is a good 
  minimum increment. 25% is better.
o Bidding on your own item, or having a cohort bid on it for
  you is called shilling and is poor form, and generally illegal
  in any auction.
o It is polite for the seller to call out 1x then 2x before selling
  in case someone is deciding to bid or not, but in a simple or
  slow auction it is not required.
o You may ask questions about an item on the sales channel
  to clarify an auction. The seller may answer there as well.
o Any other communication on the sales channel is frowned
o Educating people with poor etiquette is best done with a simple
  "sales help sales"

Alternative forum for sales - Broker. (Note: still in testing)
o Works with a command 'broker'. 
o It is a place where you can leave your item you wish to sell 
   visible for others for a certain period of time. (2 weeks for now per item). 
o Broker only lists your item. It does not conclude the actual sale. This has to
   be done in normal tell or mail conversations.
o Maximum 20 items per player. 
o Search will be updated at 5 minute intervals. I.e. Your item you just added
   might not show up immediately with searches.
o If you leave a description to your item, make sure it does not 
   include any offensive or otherwise stupid irrelevant words. 
   The description always has to be linked with the item. 
   I.e. Including any offensive word or something from your pants is 
   a good way to get yourself banned from the system.

When you have sold your item please be kind to remove it from
the broker system. Abusing the broker system 
will eventually lead to a ban from the system or in serious cases 
might lead to other actions as well. All items will be automatically purged
when individual counter (4 weeks) expires. If you wish to continue selling it
please add it to the system again.

Use common sense when leaving items to be sold.