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           Secondary characters

Secondary character means an additional character that is linked to 
the main character of a player. Such characters are allowed for 
players with 300M or more total exp. When a player reaches this limit
and creates a secondary character he is entitled to use it even if 
he later drops below the required limit with his main character.
A player may only own one secondary character. 

Simple guide to creating a secondary character:
 - Earn enough total experience for your main character to be allowed
   to own a secondary character. (Will be checked when approving 
   secondary character)
 - Create a secondary character like you would create normal 
   character. Note that all rules apply to secondary characters same 
   way as they apply to the main character of a player.
 - BEFORE doing anything, even before selecting a race, contact the 
   admin responsible for secondary characters. This is required 
   because of some aspects of secondary characters. If you do 
   something before contacting an admin you simply need to start
   over with a new character.
 - Follow the instructions of the admin and after that start playing 
   your new secondary character.

Contacting an admin has been known to be almost an impossible task 
occasionally but try to be persistent. Contacting an admin before 
starting the whole process is also advisable.

Some of secondary character features:
 - You may only be online with one character at time. There is a time
   limit of 5 minutes when you can log in again with your character 
   after you have logged in with your other character. This time 
   limit is only set when you log in with a character and continues 
   to diminish regardless whether you are playing or not.
 - The game is harder for secondary characters in certain ways.
 - Secondary characters cannot wear any items that are not marked for 
   them. Also items marked to them cannot be unmarked.
 - Secondary characters must earn prestige to use certain items with 
   an aura of prestige.
 - They gain only fraction of experience if they party with players 
   with too high level compared to their own.
 - They cannot own an apartment.
 - They cannot have forum access.
 - They are surrounded with an aura of prestige but mortals cannot 
   tell whose secondary character a particular character is.
 - You are allowed to transfer money and items between your main 
   and secondary characters.
 - They can use inn of Thousand Tales free of charge.
Abusing secondary characters in any way or trying to work around the 
limitations given to them is fast way to lose your secondary 
character, everything it has, the right to own a secondary 
character permanently and get possible punishments for your main 
character also. Note that secondary character is a privilege 
for experienced players and you are expected to act accordindly. All 
rules are enforced more tightly with them. There won't be a second 

Everything related to secondary characters are currently controlled 
and administrated by Fimvar. Contact him in any issue related 
to the secondary characters.

                                          - Jää ry administration