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Usage: set [variable [value]]

Used by itself, set lists all environment variables which have been set.

With just a variable name as an argument, set will set the value of that
environment variable to \"\". Note that you might not be able to set some
of the variables shown yourself.

If given a second argument, a value, a variable is created with that name and
that value if it doesn not exist.  If it already exists, the old value is
replaced with the new one.

Some of the possible environment variables are:
channel_litemode     - set = lite the whole channel line
                       unset = lite only the channel name
cls_movement         - clear screen before displaying long desc, creates a
                       nifty looking animation when moving in the city or
                       outworld. (hint for TF users /set emulation=raw)
prompt               - set your prompt 'help prompt'.
mail_notification    - set the mail notification
no_bank_confirmation - set bank confirmation status
inform               - set the inform level (all|friends)
tips                 - set the login tips (on | unset tips)
TZONE                - your timezone (one of EST, CST, MST, PST, BST, GMT,
                                      CET, EET, AST).
delim                - set the command delimiter
color_shape          - Colourful shape messages
no_color_bar         - Sets the colour on hp/sp/ep bars off.
mon_brief            - Brief output in hp/sp/ep monitor.
channel_emote        - Sets the emote marker for channels.
logon                - Like "loot", but the string is executed when you log
                       on.  For example: 'wear all;keep all'
keep_to_container    - Allows you to put kept items into a container that is
                       also kept.
last_lines           - set the amount of lines show in 'last' command by default
party_moves          - set to 'on' will always show party members' enter and exit
                       messages. The default supresses them while moving.
alert                - sets whether or not you want to alert others of your
                       area spells. "on" - means that you do not get a warning,
                       "yes" - means that you also get a warning.
store_emotes         - sets whether or not you want emotes to be stored as the
                       last tell
brief_map            - if a map is available it adds it to the brief
no_bell_effect       - When set to 1 will disable visual effect from bell command.
                               Setting it to anything else or unsetting will bring it back.
psp_on               - Sets psp to be visible in various other commands.
party_report_off     - Turns off the party report channel.
surname_off          - Turns your surname off.
blind_access         - Marks you as a blind person to help screen reading softwares
no_map               - Turns maps off.
damage_report        - Turns on personal damage reports.
no_infusions         - Prevents you from using infusions.
no_ancientwep        - Prevents your ancient weapon from firing.
shape_percents       - Shows percents in shape messages.
kill_autotarget      - Kill command now automatically targets the monster you attack.
party_kill_exp       - Shows experience gain after each party kill.
keepalive            - Enables you to receive "KEEP-ALIVE" messages if you are prone
                       to disconnect on longer idle periods. Recommended to gag.
mxp                  - Enable or disable MXP. Does not work yet.

"set typo" toggles between random typomessages and the default "What?" on/off.