Shield of faith

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Intelligence, Wisdom and Faith help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: strength
     Tertiary: constitution

This powerful spell of combined elements imbues the caster of the spell with a strong protective enchantment, shielding every part of the body and mitigating injuries caused by the all forms of damage, ie. physical blows, fire, cold, lightning, acid et cetera.

If the faith of the caster is blind enough, and the bond of the corresponding element strong enough, the spell can take an extraordinarily large portion of the incoming damage into itself. The likelihood of this happening increases with the severity of the incoming attack, providing an effective buffer against critical hits.

Shield of Faith uses the bond of earth for lightning damage, air for asphyxiation damage, fire for cold damage and water for fire damage. For other forms of damage the spell uses the bond of the caster's element.

The injuries that the templar was spared from will be felt when the spell expires, though somewhat reduced in power. Humility, wisdom and the skills 'self-control' and 'body of divinity' reduce the delayed damage.

A warning of the spell's expiration will be given in advance, so that the caster knows to prepare himself.

Note that the protection is not detectable by spells or abilities that measure your resistances. The spell's effectiveness is halved if you are not using a shield.