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Icesus provides various sub-bands of which sounds is one. In other words, you can have sounds while you are playing.

Here is how (unfortunately only Windows instructed for now).

Download sound effects package

  1. Create folder C:\icesus\
  2. Download Icesus sound effects package and save it to C:\icesus\ : Icesus sound effects package
  3. Unzip in C:\icesus\. You should now have a folder structure which looks like this:
C:\icesus\...<many other files>

Download suitable trigger set for your client

Choose a trigger set depending on the client you are using.


Enable: Open Icesus in Mudlet normally. Go to Triggers->Import->Choose icesus_sfx_mudlet.xml -> Activate -> Close window.


Enable: Open Icesus in MUSHclient normally. Go to Game->Configure->Triggers->Load->Choose icesus_sfx_mushclient.mct -> Close.


Enable: Open Icesus in CMUD normally. Go to Triggers->File->Import XML->Choose icesus_sfx_cmud.xml -> File -> Save -> Close Window.

Note that these triggers are basically just one liners so that they are as simple as possible in user end. If you want to change e.g. the directory of the sounds folder, it would be pretty straightforward to edit the trigger and it works.

Enable sounds in Icesus

To enable sounds sub-band, type:

set sounds

To disable sounds sub-band, type:

unset sounds

All done!

NOTE! Sound effects are currently functional only in combat.

You should be all set. Try killing something and wait for a special event (e.g. crit, stun, scream) and dont keep your headphones on too high volume!