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These are specials stats that can be in the equipment and certain special
abilities can grant them. All of these stats, except infusions cap at 50.

Whenever you attack with a weapon you have a chance of gaining an
additional attack with skills such as continuous assault. Celerity gives
you an additional chance of doing a bonus attack on top of this chance.

This stat helps with your defensive abilities. It increases your defensive
pool in combat, from which all your parry/block/dodge abilities check if
it is possible to do those things. Normally skills and your assigns affect
the size of this pool. It also increases your chance of performing these
in combat.

This stat helps while casting. It randomly gives you bonus casting assigns
when casting a spell. Each 'tick' of the spell gains random amount of bonus
assigns based on your thaumaturgy stat. It also helps water priests with
channeling spellbindings.

This stat increases chance of infusions happening. All melee attacks have
a chance of doing special hit, such as weapon's special hits and many
abilities in guilds. With prowess you gain an additional chance of
performing these special hits when you attack in melee in addition to the
normal chance.

This stat reduces damage done by powerful prestigious and eq monsters.
This includes all regular damage and also affects some special attacks
specifically, reducing their efficiency.

Spell damage:
Like the name suggests this stat makes spells more effective. Each spell has
some damage type it deals and generally same spell damage affects it. Certain
guilds have a single damage type that helps them. These guilds and spell
damages are:

Covens - Poison spell damage affects all crit damage.
Earth priests - Nether spell damage affects all spells.
Sorcerers - Magic spell damage affects all spells.
Scions - Nether and magic spell damages affect all spells and effects.

Spell damage affects each spell differently.

This stat gives you a special attack whenever you attack in melee or use
shoot/throw/some other things that work with it. It also gives you half of
the amount as spell damage, rounded down. 10 cold infusion would give you
5 cold spell damage.

Infusions are checked every time you hit a monster in melee or use
shoot/throw/some other things. Next your infusions are tallied up and
scion infusion stuff and iceron bonus (and other possible bonuses) are added
to the list. Then your prowess stat and other bonuses, such as ranged weapon
bonus, are added up to bonus chance.

Next step is to check if the infusion actually happens. Each different
infusion type gives you +1% chance for it to happen.

Let's take a look at an example case:

Your elemental infusions:
Infusion with acid: 7.
Infusion with lightning: 2.
Infusion with magic: 15.
Infusion with poison: 11.
Infusion with fire: 2.
Infusion with cold: 9.

For example in your case you'd have 6% for the infusion to happen (+if you
have some other things to add chance such as the above mentioned things).

Then the code decides your damage type. Normally it's randomly taken from
the infusion damage types you have. If you have vicarious agony and more
than one type then there is a chance for vicarious agony to happen. This
effect will target the lowest resistance in the damage types you have.

After the type has been decided it is time to calculate damage. Here is an
example using some bogus numbers and example stats:

Case 1 - Magic gets chosen:
Your magic infusion (15) gets multiplied by 4. Then total of your infusions
gets added to it so +46. In this case your infusions would do 106 damage.

Case 2 - Fire gets chosen:
Your fire infusion (2) gets multiplied by 4. Then total of your infusions
gets added to it so +46. In this case your infusions would do 50 damage.

While the second case seems to do only half damage compared to your main
type in case 1 you need to remember that each type gives you +1% chance for
infusions to happen. So in effect if you only focused on magic you would
only have 1% chance for your infusions to happen instead of 6%. With your
set you basically get 1% to get the magic effect and then IN ADDITION you
get 5% chance for all the other types to happen.

So for example in 10000 hits you would get 100 magic hits = 10600 damage.
With the other stuff added you will also get ~500 hits from other types
ranging from ~50 to ~100 damage per hit so about 37500 additional damage.
When taking in account vicarious agony hits that target lowest resistance
~600 hits instead of single type 100 hits is "somewhat" better. So focusing
on single type or having variety both can be good options, although more
varied set with 2-3 focused infusion stats is possibly the best option.

If you have a charm that adds infusion damage it is added to the randomly
chosen/vicarious chosen damage type. So for example if you have fire
infusion charm you need to have fire infusion stat to get any use out of it.

After all damage calculation "shock trooper" racial ability bonus multiplies
the damage by 1.5.

For regular stats see 'help stats'.