Spirit walk

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Affiliated stats:

      Primary: charisma
    Secondary: wisdom
     Tertiary: constitution

Certain shamans have found a way of using their veneration to concentrate only on their shrines. After a period of meditation the world fades away and they can see their shrine more clearly and with great understanding. They can see any shrine in the area, and by focusing on it, understand it's details as well. It is well to warn your friends before you use this skill as your body may fade away during the process, and may not return in the same shrine from which you started. When you are in spirit space you can try to focus on a shrine by typing its letter, but be careful. Spirit space is non-Euclidean and depending on your skills you can become disoriented. You will need to focus your way completely to a shrine, close enough that you can see its attributes and then sit quietly in order to safely get out of spirit space. Advanced spirit walks can tell what terrain a shrine is in, and the most advanced can even peer out through the shrine.