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These adjectives describe your statistics in 'score' command.

The format in score is
You are <strength>, <dexterity>, <constitution>.
You feel <intelligence> and <wisdom> and you are <charisma>.

STR:    Strength, affects carrying capacity, damage and so on, including
        to your maximum endurance points.

DEX:    Dexterity, affects your ability to dodge hits, and to hit more
        accurately. Dexterity affects your maximum endurance points.

CON:    Constitution, affects your health and maximum hit points and
        disease resistance etc.

CHA:    Charisma, affects your appearance and the communication
        with NPC's and other player characters. Charismatic individuals
        get better prices from shops and lead adventuring parties
        more efficiently.

INT:    Intelligence, affects your maximum spell points and your ability
        to control magical things and powers. Intelligence affects your
        combat point max.

WIS:    Wisdom, affects your maximum spell points and your ability
        to control magical things and powers. This is also used by
        various religious things. Wisdom affects your combat point

Look at the following tables to compare your statistics as they raise.
From lowest to highest.

        Strength                Dexterity               Constitution
        ........                .........               ............

1.      Ridiculously puny       Hopelessly clumsy       Very sickly
        Spindly                 Stiff-jointed           Fragile
        Feeble                  Rigid                   Delicate
        Frail                   Blundering              Ill
5.      Powerless               Graceless               Unhealthy
        Scrawny                 Butterfingered          Unwell
        Flimsy                  Ungainly                Limp
        Slightly weak           Somewhat awkward        Decrepit
        Sinewy                  Slightly lumpish        Ailing
10.     Sturdy                  A bit unwieldy          Cranky
        Brawny                  Neat-handed             Well
        Muscular                Handy                   Hale
        Rather strong           Deft                    Fit
        Able-bodied             Adroit                  Robust
15.     Fibrous                 Rather agile            Stout
        Stalwart                Sleighty                Healthy
        Athletic                Flexible                Very Healthy
        Powerful                Catty                   Vigorous
        Exceptionally mighty    Nimble                  Notably vigorous
20.     As strong as an ox      Very nimble             Remarkably tough
        As strong as a giant    Extremely dextrous      Extremely vital
        Inhumanly well-built    Miraculously spry       Miraculously strenuous
        Unearthly potent        Inhumanly springy       Solid as a rock
        Invincible              Elastic                 Indestructible

        Charisma                Intelligence              Wisdom
        ........                ............              ......

1.      Absolutely hideous      Completely brainless      Completely insane
        Terrifying              Retarded                  Asinine
        Unsightly               Idiotic                   Senseless
        Foul                    Feebleminded              Indiscreet
5.      Repulsive               Stupid                    Imprudent
        Ill-looking             Inane                     Thoughtless
        A bit ugly              Quite moronic             Fatuous
        Plain                   Beef-witted               Obtuse
        Modest                  Foolish                   Dullminded
10.     Cute                    Thickheaded               Naive
        Fair                    Simple                    Misguided
        Pretty                  Slightly daft             Unwise
        Comely                  Witty                     Barely reasonable
        Handsome                Clever                    Aware
15.     Adorable                Bright                    Rational
        Charming                Sharp                     Sensible
        Luscious                Smart                     Knowing
        Very attractive         Quick-witted              Understanding
        Gorgeous                Brainy                    Insightful
        Lovely                  Brilliant                 Wisehearted
20.     Captivating             Very ingenious            Most judicious
        Alluring                Extremely intelligent     Sagacious
        Stunningly beautiful    Miraculously ready-witted Thoroughly wise
        Mesmerizing as a siren  Inhumanly artful          Miracul. intuitive
        Inhumanly seductive     Divinely inspired         Inhumanly perceptive
        Divine beauty                                     All-knowing

You can raise your stats by advancing levels, training stats with
advancement points, advancing in your guild, getting blessings or
finding equipment with stat bonuses. There are other ways to get
better stats, but they are left for you to explore.
If you see maxed stats in score it means you have reached your racial
maximum. It raises when you advance your player level, though. Stats
marked  with (boosted) have reached their maximum because of blessings
or bonuses given by equipment. The boost given by the blessings is
slightly weaker for the portion above your racial maximum.

Age:   All characters have an age, measured in gametime. This is visible
       with the 'score'-command. The line

                 'You are x years and y days old.'

       says the gametime since your character was born. Below that is a
        verbal description of how old you feel. This might differ from what
        your actual age would be if you are affected by spells or other
        magical effects. When your character nears the end of the
        approximate lifespan for his race, the maximum potential for his
        physical statistics start to drop. When somewhat further older, the
        actual physical stats start dropping. However, the character will
        also become wiser when he grows older.

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