Strength of one

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Intelligence, Wisdom and Faith help in casting this spell.

Affiliated stats:

      Primary: wisdom
    Secondary: strength
     Tertiary: constitution

A spell of earth, this enchantment will make all the targets of this spell belong into a collective that increases the strength and maximum health of all those belonging to it.

The amount of strength and health gained is determined by the strongest and toughest person under the spell.

It will work if cast at a single person, the person becoming stronger due to the divine and amplifying qualities of the collective. However, the spell works much better when cast at several people. Try casting it on a weakly mage and a strong member of the army, and see how the mage's maximum health and brawn take a big leap towards the warrior's virility.

The spell can be cast at multiple targets at once by separating the targets with the word 'AND', typed in capital letters.