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Surnames are commonly a status symbol in the valley of Icesus. Anyone
is able to have one but only the ones registered at the nobility
office have real value. Such surnames are only allowed to people who
have achieved something in their lives and made their name known at
least somewhere around the valley. Usually surname refers to person's
family name and by registering his name the person has turned his
whole family into minor nobles. In practice this has very little
impact on their lives unless they make an additional effort to become
more important nobles. Family is a very loose concept in some parts
of the valley. While it usually means person's closest relatives
people maybe adopted into 'families' even without any blood relation
or even without being member of the same race.

Surnames follow the normal 'name policy' rules with one exception. In
surnames you are allowed to use existing english words that otherwise
are decent and suitable to the general theme of the game. Failure to
follow the rules will result in removal of your surname and possibly
inability to gain and use surnames ever again. Surnames are also
only usable by the person who registered it, no one else is able to
use the same surname. You may even register multiple surnames but
only the last surname you have registered is visible. Surnames are
registered in the nobility office in Cenedoiss.

        * At least 100 million experience total worth
        * Explored at least half of the world
        * Killed at least 5 prestigious creatures
        * 3 million silver (0.5 million for registering old surname)