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 Talents are "simple" skills, pertaining to simple tasks such
 as making a camping place or skinning animal corpses. Most
 talents can be improved simply by using the talent, although
 some are too difficult to learn on your own, and therefore
 require teaching from an NPC for the talent to improve.

 The teaching of talents is not usually regulated by guilds,
 mostly because of their limited value and range of
 application. Because of this most talents are taught by
 independent persons and the only way to find out who these
 are is to try talking to them and see if they reveal that
 they can teach you something. It is not hard to find
 teachers who teach the more simple talents, but the teachers
 of more complex talents do not usually advertise their
 presence, partly because these talents usually infringe on
 areas certain guilds consider their rightful area of
 expertise and have a negative outlook on persons who teach
 these talents without their permission (and control).

 The command for actually training talents is:
                "train <talent> from <teacher>"

 The skill level a talent can be trained to depends on your
 statistics, background and possibly other factors.

 One cannot see the actual help for a talent before it is
 trained to at least 1%. The person teaching the talent
 should be able to give more information about it, so that
 one can decide if it's worth studying or not. Try asking the
 teacher about the talent.

Also see: help cantrips.