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Usage:  tell last
        tell store [<name>[,<name2>..]]
        tell * <message>
        tell ** <message>
        tell ? <message>
        tell # <message>
        tell &name <offline message> (level 30 and above)
        tell party <player> <message>
This command allows a user to tell a private message to other players or
other living creatures, no matter where they are located on the mud.
Argument last shows last tells to you, * replies to last tell, and
** replies to last multitell, and ? replies to last singletell.
Argument store stores the people you would reply to via tell * if
supplied with no arguments, otherwise stores the arguments given.
Argument # tells to stored people.

Daemion tells you and Idles 'you suck'.
Now: tell store stores Daemion and Idles so that you can tell to
them with tell #. You can also do tell store daemion,idles to make
your own list of people to tell to with tell #. You can see
the list of people currently stored with tell store list.
See also: ignore, away, say, emote, retell